Call for Grant Applications


The aim of the Cross-border Conservation Training Program (CCTP) is to help Ontario land trusts increase their capacity to secure land and conservation easements from US taxpayers who own ecologically significant properties in the province. There are parts of Ontario with high natural heritage values where the majority of priority conservation lands are in US ownership. Cross-border conservation can produce more strategic land protection outcomes that are partially underwritten with tax incentives from the US government.

CCTP includes a suite of land trust services, including a small grants program to assist organizations working in those areas. CCTP is a collaborative initiative of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance Inc. (OLTA) and American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts. Core funding for CCTP comes from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF).

OLTA invites land trusts serving areas where key conservation properties are owned by US taxpayers to apply for a CCTP grant to support development of skills, tools and relationships to advance potential cross-border conservation transactions. Applications for the following activities will be considered in this round of funding:

– Costs associated with cross-border land securement projects;
– Consultation with tax professionals on cross-border tax implications of a potential transaction; and
– Costs associated with creating/enhancing a land securement strategy that will advance cross-border conservation and of creating/implementing a targeted outreach campaign.

A total of $43,200 is available for grants in this first CCTP funding cycle. There will be a second call for proposals in 2018. Applications for this round are due by 9:00 am Wednesday February 15, 2017.  Please contact Kristen Callow at 416-580-7620, or before January 18, 2017.  Following January 18, 2017, please contact Alison Howson at the OLTA office at 416-588-6582, or for assistance.

For information on cross-border conservation in general, or assistance with potential transactions, please contact Sandra Tassel at American Friends at 360-515-7171 or

BEFORE completing the application, please thoroughly review the following documents:

CCTP Grant 2017 Application
CCTP Grant 2017 Guidelines for Applicants
CCTP Grant Agreement Example.

Submission Deadline: 9:00 am Wednesday February 15, 2017


Call for Applications

Now closed

The Ontario Land Trust Assistance Program (OLTAP) aims to advance the protection of biodiversity and contribute to the long-term environmental health and sustainability of Ontario by supporting the acquisition and management of ecologically sensitive land by eligible recipients.

OLTAP is an initiative of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance Inc. This project is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

OLTAP funding has a focus on supporting projects that help protect species at risk (SAR). Funding supports projects involving:
– Associated costs of land securement
– Management planning and/or SAR inventory
– Direct management actions to improve SAR habitat or mitigate impacts.

These funds have been made available through support provided by Environment Canada, and represent the first year of a three-year partnership between OLTA and Environment and Climate Change Canada, concluding March 31, 2018.

BEFORE completing the OLTAP application, please thoroughly review the following documents as there have been changes:
OLTAP Guidelines 2017
OLTAP Application Tip Sheet
OLTAP Application 2017
OLTAP Agreement Template – sample

Please direct any inquiries to or call the OLTA office at 416-588-6582.

OLTAP Committee Members 2017

  • Angus McLeod, Chair, OLTAP
  • Jeremy Collins, Ontario Heritage Trust
  • Laura Kucey, Ecological Gifts Program, Environment Canada
  • Mhairi McFarlane, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Alison Howson, OLTA

OLTA currently holds funding from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Species at Risk Stewardship Fund. Through this granting program, we are able to support member land trusts in their work to manage and steward their properties for Species at Risk designated under our funding agreement.

To be eligible for SARAF funding, an applicant must be a land trust member in good standing with OLTA and that have adopted the Canadian Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices 2005. OLTA Associates are not eligible for SARAF funding.

The SARAF fund will support SAR inventory projects and/or property management plan (PMP) costs which focus on identifying SAR habitat or developing management actions for SAR projects undertaken since April 1, 2015 OR that will be completed before January 31, 2016.

The SARAF Grant Application deadline was September 9, 2015, and funding announcements will be made in early October. Please feel free to contact the OLTA office with any questions.