About OLTA

About OLTA

The Ontario Land Trust Alliance is a registered charity that strengthens land conservation in Ontario by building and supporting a strong land trust movement. We help Ontario’s land trusts achieve lasting conservation results on-the-ground by:

  • BUILDING skills and abilities through educational and training programs
  • CONNECTING land trusts to resources, each other and to local communities
  • SUPPORTING direct conservation action through funding and partnership programs
  • ENGAGING the public through outreach activities and acting as a voice for the land trust movement among the public, governments and other stakeholders

You can also download a copy of OLTA Brochure (PDF) for more information.


  • To dramatically expand the pace of land conservation
  • To be an inclusive alliance dedicated to building strong community-based land trusts
  • To provide financial grants to member groups to aid them with land securement and capacity building projects.
  • To develop and work with member groups to implement a set of standards and practices regarding land trust activities to ensure the continued confidence of funders, donors and regulatory bodies.
  • To represent the interests and increase the profile of the members of OLTA
  • To identify and develop additional member services that will enable member groups to better accomplish the goals of their organizations.



Annual Reports


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Audited Financial Statements

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OLTA was established as a committee of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists in 1997. Known as the Ontario Nature Trust Alliance, it had 14 founding members. In July 2002 the membership now grown to 23 land trusts decided to incorporate as a new independent organization named, The Ontario Land Trust Alliance. This change better reflected the land trust activities of all its members, which now included recreational, agricultural and built heritage as well as natural heritage properties.

These land trusts are non-profit organizations with charitable status established to preserve lands of significance in the communities they serve. Ranging from regional groups in the Rainy River, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie areas, to the Georgian Bay, Muskoka, London, Oak Ridges Moraine, Kawartha, Rideau and Thousand Islands regions, these organizations are at work throughout the Province. OLTA also includes well-known provincial and national organizations such as Ontario Nature and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.