Standard 2: Compliance with Laws

“Land trusts fulfill their legal requirements as not-for-profit organizations and comply with all laws and regulations.” 



A. Compliance with Laws
  1. Comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. 


Working List of Applicable Laws to Land Trusts in Ontario Ontario Land Trust Alliance 2020 22 KB word
Legal Risk Management Checklist Carters Professional Corporation 2018 358 KB pdf
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B. Not-for-profit Incorporation and Bylaws
  1. Incorporate or organize according to the requirements of provincial or federal law and maintain legal status. 
  2. Operate in accordance with established bylaws.
  3. Review the bylaws at least once every five years to ensure consistency with current operations, the organizing documents and provincial and/or federal law.


Not-For-Profit Incorporator’s Guide Ministry of Attorney General 2018 ————————– website
OLTA Bylaws Ontario Land Trust Alliance 2013 82 KB pdf
OFT Articles & Bylaws for Continuance  Ontario Farmland Trust 2013 464 KB pdf
ORMLT Bylaws Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust 2013 100 KB pdf
Board Policies Review Schedule Ontario Land Trust Alliance 2019 66.8 KB pdf
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C. Tax Status
  1.  Maintain status as a non-profit, registered charity or qualified donee under the Income Tax Act (Canada). 
    1. File a complete and accurate annual information return with the Canada Revenue Agency and/or federal/provincial government. 
  2. Comply with applicable rules regarding business activity and private or undue benefit.
  3. Where applicable, comply with federal requirements regarding political activities. 


T3010 Charity Return – Filing Information Canadian Revenue Agency 2020 ——————- website
Charities and Politics – Presentation Carters Law 2019 108 KB pdf
Financial Management Policy Ontario Land Trust Alliance 2016 236 KB pdf
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