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Conservation of Ontario’s rich biodiversity is a shared responsibility. The Conservation Partnership (CP) program is a plan to conserve ecologically important natural areas and contribute to the government’s climate change objectives. The Province committed in the Fall 2020 budget to partially match private contributions to the Conservation Partnership with the Recipient. The government is committed to strengthening conservation partnerships to preserve more areas of significant ecological importance, protect natural areas and promote the importance of healthy, natural spaces.

The current funding cycle of CP represents year 1 of a four-year fund, with year 1 focusing on supporting projects that acquire and manage ecologically sensitive lands. Applications are being accepted to consider support for:

  • Land acquisition – fee simple or conservation easement.
  • Associated costs of land acquisition.

Eligible Ontario Land Trusts may submit up to a maximum of three applications with a total request between $5,000 and $400,000. Each project must be at least $5,000 submitted on its own application. An eligible project must have a transaction closing date between January 1, 2021 and May 1, 2021. Project expenses must be incurred between January 1, 2021 and May 24, 2021.

For projects where potential securement information has already been provided to OLTA, please submit the application form with any additional required information.

BEFORE completing the CP application, please thoroughly review the following documents:

Completed applications and all documentation are to be submitted electronically to by 9:00am on Monday, March 15, 2021.  Please submit your application as a single PDF document file, plus separate budget spreadsheet and GIS files. The maximum file size is 10MB. Larger files may be submitted as multiple smaller files. Please contact the OLTA office if you have any problems or questions.


Call for Applications is now closed

Watch for future calls for applications.

The Ontario Land Trust Assistance Program (OLTAP) aims to advance the protection of biodiversity and contribute to the long-term environmental health and sustainability of Ontario by supporting the acquisition and management of ecologically sensitive land by eligible recipients.

The current OLTAP funding cycle has a focus on supporting projects help protect species at risk (SAR). Priority will be given to projects that address Tier 1 – 3 priorities set out by Environment and Climate Change Canada. Applications are being accepted to consider support for:

  • Associated costs of land securement
  • Management planning and/or SAR inventory
  • Direct management actions to improve SAR habitat or mitigate impacts.

BEFORE completing the OLTAP application, please thoroughly review the following documents as there have been changes:

OLTAP Guidelines 2018-19
OLTAP Application Tip Sheet
OLTAP Application Form 2018-19
OLTAP Agreement sample 2018-19

Please direct any inquiries to or call the OLTA office at 416-588-6582.

OLTAP Committee Members 2018/19

  • Jeremy Collins, Ontario Heritage Trust
  • Laura Kucey, Ecological Gifts Program, Environment  & Climate Change Canada
  • Mhairi McFarlane, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Morgan Roblin, OLTA

OLTA currently holds funding from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Species at Risk Stewardship Fund. Through this granting program, we are able to support member land trusts in their work to manage and steward their properties for Species at Risk as designated under our funding agreement.

To be eligible for SARAF funding, an applicant must be a land trust member in good standing with OLTA . OLTA Associates are also eligible for SARAF funding however land trust member applications will be given priority.

The SARAF fund supports SAR inventory projects, property management plan (PMP) costs and direct actions which focus on identifying SAR habitat or developing management actions for SAR projects undertaken since April 1, 2018 OR that will be completed before January 31, 2019.

Please review the SARAF Guidelines document below for the priority species list and priority regions for this funding.

SARAF Application Form
SARAF Guidelines 2018
2018 Grant Recipient Agreement Template

Submit the completed application to by 9:00 AM on Monday, April 9, 2018. There is a total of $30,000 available this round. Please feel free to contact the OLTA office with any questions.