Annual Gathering

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2019 Gathering - A Place To Grow: Protection and Connection

2019 Gathering Schedule

Presentations from the 2019 Gathering:

Land Trust Board Members Roles and Responsibilities Demystified

Opening: Paradigm of Place

2A Ensuring Sound Transactions – Part 1, Part 2

2B CRA And Legal Issues That Matter For Land Trusts

3A Conservation Planning – Part 1, Part 2

3B Achieving Effective And Meaningful Engagement With Indigenous Communities

5A Tall Grass Awakening – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

5B Best Practice For Endowment Funds And Stewardship Funding Models

6A Tools for Climate Change Planning

6B Ecological Gifts Program ABCs And The S&Ps – Part 1, Part 2

EGP Submission Process

8A Conservation Easements Agreements

8B Youth Working In The Land Trust Community – S. Walmer Part 1, S.Walmer Part 2; S.Kelly; MC2 Environmental Consulting

9 Land Trusts Conservation Fund And The Canadian Land Trust Working Group – J. Thompson

10 Conservation In Our Challenging Times – Part 1, Part 2

2018 Gathering: Collaborating for Conservation - Strength in Diversity
2017 Gathering: Promoting Excellence in Conservation

Gathering Program

Presentations from 2017 Gathering:

2016 Gathering: Inspiring Conservation Leadership
2015 Gathering: Conservation Connections